Residential Permit Parking: City of Austin (COA)

Residential Permit Parking (RPP) is in effect on many of the streets in NUNA. If permit parking is in effect on your street, signs will be available listing days and hours of operation. Permits must be purchased from the COA annually and are valid for one year normally starting in August. The RPP website can be found on the City of Austin website and searching for Residential Parking Permit.

At the city’s website you can find important facts about RPP:

  • Application for a parking permit can be completed You can find 1.) the current cost of permits, 2.) the number and types of permits you can request, and 3.) payment information
  • You can find information on visitor hangtags and day passes for houseguests or repair persons to park on the street.
  • Currently repair and construction vehicles that have signage on their vehicle do not require a permit. Information on construction permits for vehicles without signage can also be found.

The COA is encouraging online applications , although the options of getting applications through “snail mail” may still be available:

  • Once you are a current permit holder, you should receive an email renewal reminder each year
  • It may be possible to apply in person at the RPP office by this will likely be only by appointment.
  • A reminder that even with a parking permit on display, NUNA residents must follow all other COA parking rules on our neighborhood streets.

Please note that only those residents actually living at an address are allowed to hold parking permits for the restricted parking areas. Fines and penalties may be assessed on residents allowing their addresses to be used for permits issued to those not actually living at the address.