Standing Committees

NUNA Planning Team (NUNA-NPT) Members*

Mary Ingle
Steven Tomlinson
Rick Iverson
Bill Bednar
Laurence Miller

*See By-Laws Section 6.02 for the scope of duties of the NUNA-NPT

Other Committees

The Executive Committee may from time to time establish other committees for specific functions. Currently a NUNA Infrastructure Committee has been established.

The NUNA Infrastructure Committee focuses on issues that impact our neighborhood, such as the 33rd St Bridge project, residential parking and permits, and Project Connect. They study the infrastructure issue at hand and make recommendations to the NUNA Executive Committee and general membership. If you are interested in contributing to this committee, please contact NUNA using the contact NUNA submission form in the Resources Section.

Current Infrastructure Committee members:

Pam Bell
Mark Feist
Rick Iverson
Jim Creswell
Meredith Domino