NUNA Officers

Early in each year, a Nominating Committee is formed to propose a slate of residents to serve as the Executive Officers and other functionary positions within NUNA. This slate of officers is usually put forward at a General meeting in April with confirmation by the membership then or at a following General meeting. In some instances positions may be held by two persons sharing the role.

Executive officer positions include the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Other positions include a Quadrant Leader for each section of the neighborhood [Northeast, Northwest, Southwest and Southeast] and a Newsletter Editor. Residents may contact Quadrant leaders to discuss any issue in their respective areas by using the contact NUNA submission form in the Resources Sectionan stating their quadrant, contact details and a summary of the issue to be addressed.

The Newsletter Editor should be contacted by using the contact NUNA submission form in the Resources Section with any newsworthy stories, editorials, items of general interest or opinions. The newsletter also usually contains an article on the dogs resident in NUNA and their companions may submit entries for inclusion. The Editor will determine whether to include any submissions in an edition of the Newsletter. Submissions should be respectful of the goals set forth in the NUNA mission statement.


OfficeOffice Holderemail Address
Vice PresidentBarbara


QuadrantQuadrant Leaderemail Address
North EastEmma
South EastRavine
Noth WestRandy
South WestSarah