Welcome New Neighbors!

For over 100 years the North University Neighborhood has been a thriving, densely populated community with people from all walks of life. Every person contributes to our unique Central Austin community. Since so many of us live in such a small geographic area, we need to be mindful of each other’s space and cooperate to enjoy this great urban community.

Here are some important tips:

• For lease or maintenance issues that can’t be resolved between a landlord and tenant, the Austin Tenants Council can help. Their website may be found by a browser search.

• LATE NIGHT NOISE: Austin Police Department encourages residents to call 911 to report unreasonable noise between the hours of 10:30 P.M. and 7:00 A.M. Violations are a Class C Misdemeanor.

• PARTIES: A permit may be required for gatherings or parties attended by more than 50 people.  See the City of Austin website for more information.

• TRASH DAY is Friday. Blue bins are for recyclables only and are collected every other Friday. Containers must be off the street by 10:00 P.M. the day of collection.

• BULK TRASH collection days are held twice a year at the end of the fall and spring semester. They collect bulk trash only on the street side of the property and not the alley. Watch your mail for specific details.

• PARKING: If you are in a Residential Parking Permit Area more information is available on this website in the About NUNA section. Front yard parking is not permitted in the North University Neighborhood.

• PETS: Pet waste should be picked up while walking your animal as a matter of courtesy and the law. Violations carry a monetary fine.

• To report graffiti, code violations, or problems with city-owned infrastructure like potholes or missing signs call 311.

• Owners who are planning to add on, build new, or change the use of their property are encouraged to meet with the planning team for their area. North University should be within the Central Austin Combined Neighborhood Planning Area. More information can be found on the City of Austin Website. There may be other planning issues which much be considered for some areas of North University such as the Aldridge Place Local Historic District. Information on these may also be found on the City of Austin website.

• NUNA welcomes renters and owners alike. Support your neighborhood association by becoming a member! See the Join NUNA page in the About NUNA section of this website.

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