Curfews and Noise Levels – Tips

We are an eclectic neighborhood with many kinds of people living here, including students. It is not a predominately student neighborhood, and it is sometimes necessary to remind those who are not permanent residents that they live here alongside permanent residents: families with young children, professionals such as doctors and nurses, UT professors, and older residents.

Because of our unique composition, it is important to remind them of the rules regarding noisy parties and loud music that the City of Austin enforces through the Austin Police Department. The neighborhood residents routinely notify the police if there are noisy, disturbing parties in progress, requesting police officers to respond and shut them down.   Police officers may also take action on other illegal activities discovered when responding to noise complaints.

If any resident is having problems with noise, noisy parties, something currently, in progress, please call 911 (not 311) to report the problem. Please also ask for a reference number.