Aldridge Place Historic District Information

The Aldridge Place Historic District (APHD) is a part of NUNA that is an extraordinarily intact historic subdivision in Central Austin.   APHD is a ten-block residential area located in north-central Austin between Guadalupe and Speedway, and West 30th and 34th Streets and has retained its original appearance and landscape patterns and conveys a vivid and accurate sense of its own history.

Aldridge Place subdivision was platted in 1912 and Aldridge Place Reserved (University Heights) was added to the original plat in 1924.

Today, the APHD District is a remarkably intact historic neighborhood rooted in the development of the University of Texas and Austin’s early suburbs. Its layout follows the principles of the City Beautiful movement, and its structures reflect the local and national trends of its time. It contains 147 residential buildings, 10 structures such as bridges and stone entry gates, vintage streetlamps, and Hemphill Park.

APHD is committed to its preservation and was designated by the City of Austin as a local historic district (LHD).

APHD has a design review advisory committee which review proposals for remodeling or building prior to their submission to the City. Any owner considering a remodeling or building project is encouraged to meet with the advisors as early as possible in the planning process. The committee welcomes input from all neighbors. The committee works with homeowners to ensure that their proposals meet the requirements of APHD. The committee process is found in section D-4 of the APHD Preservation Plan.

The Advisory Committee has six members representing various sections of APHD and one at-large member. The current members are:

John Davis              West 33rd St (east of Hemphill Park Drive)
Rick Iverson            West 33rd St (west of Hemphill Park Drive)
Rowena Dasch      West 32nd St (east of Hemphill Park Drive)
Steven Tomlinson  Wheeler St. & West 32nd St (west of Hemphill Park Drive)
Rob Moshein          Laurel Lane
Mike Marcom          Hemphill Park
Billy Prather            At-large

A map of APHD, the Design Standards and Preservation Plan, list of properties and more information on the historic district may be found on the City of Austin website.